EP camp is a week long camp for mild to moderately mentally or physically challenged adults.  The campers are age 18 and above and come to Wesley Woods for a week of camp.  We offer them an opportunity to experience summer camp as close to “normal” as possible.  They participate in a wide variety of events and activities.  Some of these include, swimming, boating, fishing, water slide, bible study, hiking,crafts, horses, cookouts, campfires, singing, a dance, a talent show and of course a lot of great camp food!  

The way we can offer this to our special needs campers is by teaming them up with a camp buddy, age 16 or above.  Buddies are assigned to campers to help them with their needs to be able to participate in these activities.  That can range from lending an arm of support, cheering them on, helping them over fears, celebrating their victories with them, etc.  The main function of a buddy though is to share God’s love by being their “best friend” for a week and being a blessing to their camper.  Funny thing is though that while the buddy is being a blessing they are also being blessed beyond measure.  

There is no cost to the buddies to come to camp, though they are given the opportunity to give a free will donation to help offset the cost of food and housing if they would like to do that.  (That helps keep the cost down for our special campers).   Buddies come in on Sunday afternoon for training and to get their camper assignments and information so they are ready for their campers on Monday morning when they arrive.  They stay in the cabins right along with the campers, attending all activities, meals, events, etc. right along side of them.

Buddies must be age 16 or above and be willing to serve Christ through sharing the love they have to give and being the hands and feet of Jesus to another person. EP camp is not for everyone.  It is hard work and can try your patience from time to time. You will learn things about yourself that you didn’t know and if you are open to hearing God He will touch your heart in ways you’ve never experience before. Please search your heart and ask God if this would be a ministry for you.  If so go to http://www.wesleywoodsiowa.org/camp/campbook.html and register online or call the camp at 515-971-4523.  

Available dates are: June 10-15  Event #7305, June 24-29  Event # 7306, and June 30-July 3  short week

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