1. Give Me Your Eyes 3:52
  2. Wait And See 3:48
  3. Trust You 3:51
  4. London 3:33
  5. Sunrise 4:01
  6. Sore Eyes 3:35
  7. Love Never Fails 3:06
  8. Listen Up 3:21
  9. Fight Another Day 3:46
  10. When I'm Alone 3:19
  11. No Not One 3:57

Give Me Your Eyes

Brandon Heath

One story about "Give Me Your Eyes"

  • Kaitlyn says:

    This song has really impacted my life, because it made me think about my day, especially while I am at school. There are so many people that I just ignore or don’t give any intrest in talking to them when they try to talk to me. After hearing this song, God really made me see what I have been doing wrong, and how I need to love on the people around me, and let them feel loved, even if I only talk to them for a short amount of time and hope that it can turn them to God.

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