It’s a busy, busy world. The culture is chaotic, your city is bustling, and your life can roll along at a break-neck pace. Sometimes we excuse being so busy. You have to pay the bills, right? Author John Busacker probably agrees, but he also says the mantra ‘busy is better’ is baseless:

john busackerBusacker has written the book Fully Engaged, and he hopes the book provides answers to your real questions about balancing life’s competing demands and an action plan for pursuing an exciting future. He says it coordinates daily choices with your core values and beliefs and creates simple solutions to follow through on your dreams. Busacker says,

You can experience that astonishing, engaged life, where each day is packed with purpose and passion. It’s time to make good on all the talents and promise you were born with—and to enjoy the satisfaction that results.

John recently joined Faith Radio Mornings to talk about his new book:

John Busacker


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