Are you feeling Restless in this season? Many women are aching without knowing why. Is there something beyond this? Is there something bigger God has for me?

Bible teacher Jennie Allen  suggests that our sense of restlessness can drive us to a deeper walk of faith and learning to walk in faith. God uses it as a “compass” to guide us to a different place, vocationally, relationally, or even spiritually.

Listen as Jennie and Susie Larson touch on:

  • Holy vs. unholy discontent
  •  Overcoming fear to use our gifts – Ask yourself, how does God feel about what I just did? Did I act out of arrogance or obedience? Others may assign wrong motives to you, but walking in faith sometimes means being misunderstood.
  • How to cultivate a heart of gratitude when you feel stuck
  • What it means to live with a sense of urgency
  • How we can learn from the story of Joseph – Joseph waited on God, through family rejection, dreams and visions, and false imprisonment in a foreign land. He was faithful both in easy situations and hard situations, and God blessed and saved his family through his position of leadership.

God will bring us into seasons of discontent to prepare us for times of blessing – Jennie suggests that we do the work God puts in front of us and seek counsel from those closest to us. At times God calls us to say no to good things and make us restless so He can bring us to better things. Sometimes restlessness is a call to freedom.

As Jennie puts it, “Live free because we are free. Live free to set others free.”

Live restless.

Highlight : Good restlessness or bad restlessness?

The restless life

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