Technology has the ability to make us more efficient and productive. However, studies show that the use of technology has the capacity to rewire our brains in less-than-desirable ways.

“We have these 2 billion neurons in our brain and they have these branches that communicate with each other. The more we do any one thing, the deeper those roadways get between the branches.”

According to Tricia Rhodes there are three ways technology rewires your brain by deepening those pathways.

We are being wired for perpetual motion.

Our mind has been wired to always be in motion and when we aren’t in motion we get uncomfortable.

“Technology keeps us moving all the time, we move from this link to that article. We’re always moving, reading this text, that email.”

We are wired for shallow thinking and reading.

The constant distraction of technology and fast paced consumption of information has changed our standards of depth.

“The screen has trained our brain to read quickly and skim the surface. When you pick up your Ipad or Kindle, your brain is going to automatically skim, it’s not going to deep.”

We are wired to be dependent on technology.

Whether we admit it or not most of us are addicted to the connection and immediacy that is offered our phones.

“It’s compulsive, it’s an addiction. We don’t like to use that word but we are all drawn to them, we hear a vibration, we see one of those little red numbers and we feel like we must look at it, right that minute.”

We can reverse these negative pathways that we’ve dug in our brains by focusing on creating new healthy pathways. When we take time to intentionally forgo technology and instead enjoy the presence of God, these habits can be reversed.

Key Scripture: Matthew 24:35

Highlight: Three ways technology rewires your brain

The Wired Soul

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