Questions about Winter Jam?

Want to know things like . . .

I understand you can’t buy tickets ahead of time and can expect to wait in line. What’s that like?

  • Depending on which entrance you choose (skywalk, north, or south) it could be a shirtsleeve wait– or bundled up in coat, hat & gloves. Getting there early is KEY.  Even if you buy the special Jam Nation passes, it cannot be overstated that getting there early is the most important way to have seats at Winter Jam.

Can I use a credit or debit card to pay for the $15 admission at the gate?

  • It’s cash or check only at the gates.  Credit and debit cards can be used inside Wells Fargo Arena for food, beverages & merchandise.

Is it worth it to get there early? Are there any bad seats?

  • Most seats are “pretty good” with help from the giant video screens.  Many seats are “much better” but require you to have a special “Jam Nation” pass, and/or arrive early.  (See below for Jam Nation pass info.)

Where should I park?

  • There is plenty of parking in downtown Des Moines. You can park in one of several parking garages, in the open air lot across from the North Entrance of Wells Fargo (bring $10 CASH–they do not accept cards), or on metered spots on the street.

Is there anything I should bring with me/can’t bring with me? And, I have kids. Will they enjoy it? What ages are appropriate?

  • Professional cameras, coolers, outside food and beverages generally are not permitted. If your kids enjoy the music of these artists, they should enjoy the concert!  It is a loud concert – anyone with sensitive hearing may be more comfortable with earplugs.
  • Kids under the age of 16 need to be there with a responsible adult.
  • Your toddler or baby is welcome.  Under age 2 is free.

Is there a concession stand in case I get hungry or thirsty? Is there food and drink allowed in the auditorium?

  • Wells Fargo Arena has lots of concession stands with a variety of foods. Most stands take debit cards as well as cash.

How long is the concert? What time should I plan on being home?

  • The concert should end about 11 pm. If you leave with the crowd at that time, plan on 15 to 30 minutes to get to your car, and possibly extra time getting through the other traffic leaving downtown at that time.

What is the Pre-Jam party?

  • It’s like a concert before the concert.  Several of the “lower-billed” artists doing shorter sets, some with acoustic renditions.  They tend to play right as the doors open, so unless you get there early, you might miss this set.

Can I save seats? Or should I have my friends meet me in line?

  • Seats can’t be saved in advance. As much of your entire group as possible will need to be there at the same time. Obviously once people put jackets in seats, we’re being courteous by realizing people have arrived and claimed those seats.

Is it cold/warm/temperate in the auditorium? Will there be a place to put my coat if I need it?

  • Usually between 68° – 70° inside Wells Fargo Arena. Not uncomfortable. Many people leave coats on seats to “hold them” while getting up for concessions, etc. Some people leave their coats in cars. There is no specific coat storage.

Should I bring money with me to buy shirts, swag, etc?  Are there vendors?

  • There are many food and merchandise opportunities with Winter Jam. Plan and budget accordingly!

What about the “Jam Nation” passes I’ve heard about? Do those get you any closer to the stage?

  • YES.  Depending on how early you get there, some seats may be better than others. In years past, the Jam Nation entrance has been on the north side of Wells Fargo, between Crocker and 3rd. The entrance says, “VIP Entrance.”
  • You can buy Jam Nation passes here.

That’s just a few of the questions that come to mind. Ask your question in the comments below if we didn’t cover it here.

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