New music from Tobymac, Colton Dixon, Mandisa, and more…

TobyMac – See The Light

It don’t matter where you come from. I know we can get through this. It might feel like it’s been so long, but we keep on keeping on. It might feel like an uphill climb – always some kind of battle – but you’ve got more than you on your side, and we gon’ see the light.

Lately I’ve found myself walking roads I never thought I would walk. The experience of losing my oldest son has been pain I never thought I would face. And now both our nation and our world are experiencing unimaginable times. A lot of times when we face hard things, painful things, the frightening, or the unknown, we reach for the promises of God. … And He did promise us that He would never leave us or forsake us. We will ‘See The Light’ and that is a promise that I hold onto with everything in me. I wrote this song before I ever faced such uncertainty and pain. Little did I know then that it would be speaking to me today on such deep levels. I hope it reaches out and touches your soul, as well as remind us all where our help comes from in this season. – TobyMac 

Tauren Wells – Famous For

Make way through the waters. Walk me through the fire. Do what You are famous for. Shut the mouths of lions. Bring dry bones to life, and do what You are famous for.

There have been few moments in human history like the one we’ve been walking through during the last several months. People are looking for something to hold onto in the midst of this struggle, whether it is peace, hope, or God. “Famous For” is a prayer – a cry to God – that not only will we see Him repeat his greatest works, but that we will see Him exceed those works during our generation. I believe this song is for this very moment. – Tauren Wells

Mandisa – You Keep Hope Alive

You keep hope alive. From the beginning to end, Your word never fails. You keep hope alive, because You are alive. Jesus You are alive.

With everything happening in our world today, the timely message of “You Keep Hope Alive” is a declaration to our souls that God is still on His throne, and specializes in bringing beauty from ashes. My prayer is that God will use this song to remind us, His children, that our hope is alive because our Savior, Jesus, is alive. – Mandisa

Vertical Worship – Faithful Now

You make mountains move. You make giants fall. You use songs of praise to shake prison walls. I will speak to my fear. I will preach to my doubt that You were faithful then, and you’ll be faithful now.

It is a song that not just speaks to the faithfulness of God but the story of His faithfulness through thousands of years and how His promises and Word support that message. In whatever situation or season you find yourself in, a temporary remedy will only temporarily satisfy or heal—but the fulfilled promises, the never-changing Word, and the proven faithfulness of God are capable of holding us up and seeing us through anything. – Andi Rozier

Colton Dixon – Miracles

How do miracles just happen like that? You can say the stars aligned, but I know that it’s more than timing. How do miracles just happen like that? Right before I hit the ground, somehow You came along and found me.

I was recently in a season when the future looked uncertain.  Instead of fear, my wife and I decided to come with faith – because we know that faith is what precedes a miracle.  During that season, we were forced to slow down a little bit.  In doing so, we started to see all of the little things around us that we saw as miracles that happen every day.  So I’d just encourage you to stop long enough to appreciate the little things in your life for the miracles they really are.  I believe God is still in the business of doing miracles… and they happen more often than we think. – Colton Dixon

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