Are they learning disabilities or learning differences? One of the most misunderstood learning differences is dyslexia. We discuss what it really is, what to look for, and how to advocate for your child with Apples of Gold Learning Center executive director Elizabeth Hoksbergen and parent advocate Kara Wishman.


Faith and Life Today - Dyslexia

2 Responses to "Faith and Life Today – Dyslexia"

  • Renee Fuller says:

    Thank you for recording this. I’m Dyslexic and I have 3 out of my 4 children whom are dyslexic. This has been a struggle to help the school system to understand that my child isn’t stupid or we as parents aren’t helping with reading at home with our child. Looking forward into finding out more on Decoding Dyslexia website.

  • Debbe Nelson says:

    Read Colt the Courageous! A charming true story of a young boy’s story as he comes to terms with being diagnosed with dyslexia and how he learns to adjusts to learning a new way and is able to explain his new ability and turn an obstacle into his new ‘superpower’ 1 in 5 children will be diagnosed, a great read for the parents and child newly diagnosed. Author Courtney M Davidson Definitely a book for dyslexic children and their families.

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