I’ve decided that if someone doesn’t have a name, they shouldn’t be running my life.

I don’t know who “they” are, but they talk to me every day.

“They” say I can have a fulfilling and exciting relationship, an organized house, a clean car, happy kids, a great career, and be 10 pounds lighter if I just do it their way.

They say I can—and should– get rid of the wrinkles, the gray hair, the dry cracked elbows and heels, and have whiter teeth.

They say I can keep my relationships exciting yet calm, have no dishes in my sink and no sass in my children.

They. The nebulous they that rule the world . . . and our lives.

But they don’t even have a name. And they certainly don’t know mine. Or yours.

I shake my head sometimes, wondering why I do this. Why would I choose the meaningless mandates of an anonymous group when I have the loving, wise counsel of the God who made me and loves me down to every single strand of my unmanageable, graying hair?

He says we are ordained with strength, beauty, wisdom and discernment. We are like precious jewels to Him and worthy of honor. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image.

He says all that  . . . and He actually knows me. He knows my name. He knew every cell of my body before I was born. He loves me.

And He has a name. And it’s above all names. He is I AM.


Jen Green is co-host of Life 107.1 KNWI’s Mornings with Taylor and Jen and Listener Engagement Director. You can reach her at jen@life1071.com.

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