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Faith and Life Today


Faith and Life Today – Love You Des Moines Days

The Bible says to love your neighbor. Why not have a ton of fun in the process? Lisa Lewis from Valley Community Center shares all the fun events you can take part in during Love You Des Moines Days, running until July 22nd!…


Faith and Life Today – Iowa Remembers

We lead busy lives—and it’s easy to forget things like where you put your phone or to pick your kids up from baseball. But, one thing we simply shouldn’t forget is that there are men and women in the service of our country still putting their lives on the line daily. Our guests today want to remind Iowa to remember that. Their organization…


Faith and Life Today – Young Patriots

It’s important to teach our kids patriotism and gratitude. Hear how one woman started doing that in one classroom, and it turned into a community venture.…


Faith and Life Today – Inner Visions Healthcare

Covid-19 created a lot of challenges for businesses and ministries, including our friends at Inner Visions Healthcare, a crisis pregnancy center. But God made sure their doors were open at just the right time.


Faith and Life Today – #10 friend

When a local pastor’s life and congregation was impacted by suicide, He had a talk with God. The talk resulted in a community minded tool that could save a life.


Faith and Life Today – Partners for Patriots

If there’s two things we all love, it’s the men and women who serve our country and dogs. When you put the two of them together, you get Partners for Patriots—an Iowa-based non-profit that rescues dogs and trains them for our veterans.…


The Friendship Center

Many of us have had a “Jonah” response to something God has asked of us. We say, “No way!” and run the other way. Our guest today did just that—until eventually, he surrendered to God and started a faith-based program unlike any other in central Iowa.


Faith and Life Today – Becoming a writer

She turned the “craving adult interaction” stage of being a stay-at-home-mom into a successful writing career. Author Kimberly Stuart tells us the story of writing her first book and having it published—and gives you tips if you have ever dreamed of being a writer.…


Faith and Life Today – Mommy guilt

Jean Holthaus from Pine Rest Christian Services mentors us through the difference between guilt and shame, and helps us set realistic expectations for mothering


Faith and Life Today – Ruth Harbor Ministries

Sometimes the biggest blessings happen despite our plans. Hannah never expected to find suddenly herself pregnant, but her story took a beautiful turn. Mark McDougal of Ruth Harbor Ministries, and special guest Hannah join Faith & Life Today to share her story.…

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