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Operation Strong Tower

For years, countless people have been praying for it. Now, God is answering prayer in a miraculous way. One strong Life 107.1 signal that will cover all of Des Moines and central Iowa.

When we signed on the air in 2003, we were assigned a weak signal. We try to cover the area with 3 FM signals carrying the same programming: 107.1, 96.1, and 100.7.

The most powerful of those signals is only 1/3 as powerful as many other stations in Des Moines.

Maybe you have experienced issues with that weak signal. It may be that you can only get the station in your car. Or perhaps you have to switch to a different frequency as you drive across town.

That will go away! 

Life 107.1 has been given the authorization to broadcast at the maximum power allowed on a tower nearly 1000 feet tall.  Construction has begun, and we plan to have everything completed this year.

More power + a taller tower = ONE STRONG SIGNAL

This new signal will reach more people with a message of hope than all of our other signals combined.

  • No more switching stations.
  • You’ll be able to listen at home or in the office, not just in the car.
  • This signal will be strong enough to bring you Life 107.1 during all sorts of weather conditions

Because of God’s blessing and your support, Life 107.1 will broadcast one strong, clear signal later this year!

The tower is going up!  This is obviously a huge step in the process.  There are still a lot of technical things that need to be done, but we remain optimistic that Operation Strong Tower will become a reality sometime this summer.  To God be the glory!!

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