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Taylor and Jen

Weekdays 5 — 10 am

Mornings at Life 107.1 are here to help you get ready for your day of spreading the hope of Christ in central Iowa. Taylor and Jen are here to uplift you, make you think, and make you laugh. Taylor: One of my favorite things about working in radio is the stories. Whether I’m hearing about something powerful God has done in your life, or…

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Meridith Foster

Weekdays 10 am — 2 pm

Life moves quickly, and in this season, it feels like mine is flying by at the speed of sound.  My greatest privilege is taking care of my 3 daughters- lots of chauffeuring to and from school, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fixing dinner, doing homework and laundry – all the exciting stuff!  Every once in a while, my hubbie…

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Chris Scotland

Weekdays 2 - 7 pm

Hey, I’m Chris Scotland! My wife Melinda and I are excited for this new adventure and about making Central Iowa our home! We have five kids: two in college, a high school freshman, a junior higher, and a sassy fourth grader. I’m passionate about strong families, marriages and fun!  I can’t wait to get to know you, and to hear your story…

Jeff Connell

Weekdays 7 - 11 pm

Hi, I’m Jeff Connell.  Whether it was at Winter Jam or a Life 107.1 fundraiser, I’ve really enjoyed meeting central Iowans face to face.  I’m doing my best to be a good dad to my son Colton as I run through each day with more to do than I have time!  Thanks for listening to Life 107.1 and sharing stories with me on Life 107.1’s Hopeline at…

Jimmy Olsen


I am happy to say Des Moines has been my home since God breathed me into existence. I am honored to spend time with you sharing uplifting music and hope. I know my relationship is always growing with God and I rely on the uplifting music when I have my devotional time with God, when I work out, and when I am running from gig to gig. I am inspired…

Patrick Albanese

Part Time

I’ve spent most of my life on a stage somewhere- perhaps you’ve seen me in Triple Espresso at the Temple for the Performing Arts or on a TV commercial.  My wife Janet and I settled in central Iowa and enjoy raising our two children.…

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Meridith Foster
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Meridith Foster

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Does God heal today?

Many Christians struggle with chronic illness and pray for healing. But what does it mean if God doesn't heal right away? Susie contemplates God's healing.

Susie Larson



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Meridith Foster
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Meridith Foster

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