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Remind Me You’re Here Lyrics

None of my pain has ever caught you by surprise
Still it’s hard to trust You when I’m lost in the wondering why
But I’ll trade every question just to lay down and rest in Your heart
And I’ll reach for Your hand though you led me here into the dark

I won’t ask you for reasons
‘Cause a reason can’t wipe away tears
No I don’t need all the answers
Just be here beside me
Father remind me you’re here

If it’s random or providence, neither are a comfort to me
Are you cruel if you planned it, or weak if you allowed it to be?
Half of me is still believin’, the other is half is angry and confused
But all of me is desperate and longing to be held by you

Get me out of my mind and into Your arms
Where hope comes alive and fear falls apart

I just need to know that You’re here

© 2019 Centricity Songs & Graybird Songs (BMI) / Centricity Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Centric Songs (SESAC)

One story about "Remind Me You’re Here"

  • Sherry Cozad says:

    Nearly every line of this song applies to my life right now. I am dealing with my husbands cancer (upcoming surgery). The work at my job is going away sooner then expected, so job hunting now. My parents are declining (in their 80’s), many things to do and decisions to make. I have cancer that we are in wait and see mode, but may be making decisions on that soon. So I do my best to rest in God and trust that all of this is in His timing.

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