• Win family dinner out – together!

    Win family dinner out – together!

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  • TWO WEEKS from Tuesday

    TWO WEEKS from Tuesday

    Fall Fundraiser begins.  You help change lives in Des Moines and central Iowa when you give.…

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  • The right song always comes on

    The right song always comes on

    It changed Ashley’s life.…

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    Ask your boss to match your gift

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Today's Life Verse: Romans 5:5

Hope never makes us ashamed because the love of God has come into our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who was given to us.

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  • My son

    My son is six and seems to be one kid at home and another at school. He is the only child and we don't seem to have any out of the ordinary issues in our home...

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  • deliverance

    Please pray with me for loved ones deliverance from...

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  • Marriage

    My heart hurts so much. I have no hope in restoration my husband left me and is so happy my life is all struggles. Lord where are...

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  • lonely/job

    My sister lost her part time job which she needs, she doesn't get out enough and has no friends, her husband is distant and she is so heart hungry for company...

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