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    FREE Chick-fil-A for VBS

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    You say, we play

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Today's Life Verse: Psalm 103:12

How far has the LORD taken our sins from us?  Farther than the distance from east to west!

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  • Marriage

    My marriage needs lots of prayer God bless all who pray for us...

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  • Holy John17 Holy John15 God makes the Cuts for Holy Fun and ideas Fun getting along

    Holy God Bless the Holy Come of Middle East, China Russia, USA and Niagara and Germany and Ukraine and Vietnam and Other countries Holy Love on Hawaii were the...

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  • Holy Psalm91 Millers

    Holy JOhn17 Holy Dee Rea Miller and Family Friends Holy John15 God's Holy Loving will and ideas in Holy Jesus name Holy Cross...

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  • Need Self confidence

    Would u pray for me i feel i don't do anything especially i don't want to take care myself this is not good feeling i want the lord refresh my memory again i...

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