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You can help share the hope of Jesus with Des Moines and central Iowa when you make a financial gift today…


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Faith and Life Today – Ruth Harbor Ministries

Sometimes the biggest blessings happen despite our plans. Hannah never expected to find suddenly herself pregnant, but her story took a beautiful turn. Mark McDougal of Ruth Harbor Ministries, and special guest Hannah join Faith & Life Today to share her story.…

How do I beat perfectionism without overcorrecting?

If you struggle with perfectionism, you might worry that letting go of your perfectionism will lead to a complete lack of standards in your life. This could stem from a belief that your perfectionism is the thing that’s holding your life together. Dr. Heidi has freeing advice on how to overcome your perfectionism without…


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Needing prayer

My daughter was molested by someone we used to go to church with. He is in jail waiting for the trial and he has another victim as well, the judge unjustly...

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Struggling mentally with each month that goes by that we didn’t get pregnant. Need prayers for strength and patience as it is in God’s timing it will...

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Adoption Update

We are losing hope quickly. If the birth dad doesn’t sign his rights over and the people he chose are family members, we won’t get this baby. We have been...

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Hold On To Me

Hold On To Me

When the best of me is barely breathing - When I’m not somebody I believe in - Hold on to me

Child Of Love

Child Of Love

I’m gonna climb a mountain - I’m gonna shout about it - I am a child of love - I found a world of freedom - I found a friend in Jesus - I am a child of love

I Need A Ghost

I Need A Ghost

I need a Holy Ghost awaken in my soul - I need a love that glows, rattling my bones 'Til the evidence shows

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Faith and Life Today – Dyslexia

One of the most misunderstood learning differences is dyslexia. We discuss what it really is, what to look for, and how to advocate for your child.


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